We are closing in on opening day, but there is still one question everyone is asking – “Why ‘Yard Gnomes?’”.


On October 3rd, 2023, Greenville announced that the newest Coastal Plain League (CPL) team would be named by the fans. After 350 unique submissions by 450 people and a fan voting period, one name reigned supreme – the Greenville Garden Gnomes. This name, which was later changed to Yard Gnomes to be more baseball friendly, was submitted by Dusty DeFury and Robb Fluet. However, the question remains, “Why Yard Gnomes?”.


While the name suggestion came out of the blue, the connections the name has to Greenville has made it fit beautifully. “I loved the way the name sounded… but then when I heard about the ancient legends, it fit even better being that close to East Carolina,” said Robb Fluet. According to these legends, gnomes have been hidden underground for ages protecting buried treasures and plant life. Located in the heart of Pirate Nation, the Gnomes have come to protect the Pirate treasure in Greenville.


“It gave a smile to me.”, said Robb Fluet regarding seeing the name he suggested on a uniform. Admittedly a uniform lover himself, Robb said the logo and uniform reveal was more than he could have asked for. Continuing he said, “The swinging gnome is great… the color combination is perfect… it all pops really beautifully!”


The Yard Gnomes begin their inaugural season in Colonial Heights, Virginia on May 23, 2024. The team will return home to join Gnome Gnation for the first time in Guy Smith Stadium for the home opener May 24, 2024!